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Welcome to NURA...
Natural Universal Rejuvenating Age (NURA) is The World's First Energy Wellness Center of its kind with decades of research and development. NURA is a treatment center with a genuine passion for promoting total wellness and balanced living.

NURA combines state of the art resonance Technology: AMized™ Fusion Technology with natural remedies to provide energetic healing and rejuvenation through highly personalized, non-invasive, wellness therapy and treatments unparalleled on the world stage. In addition we also provide expert consultancy, homeopathic remedies as well as wellness products and supplements, thus proving a complete wellness solution.
Whether you want to look good, feel good, have more energy, stay young, or take an alternative approach to your health problems, visit NURA, we have the answers and solutions!
Take charge of your health today!

Unique Mission
World’s First Wellness Center providing total wellness solutions.

  1. Combine application of Fractal Attractor System and AMized Fusion Technology.
  2. Non-invasive and Non-contact Therapy.
  3. Pre and Post Fractal Quantification to measure results.
  4. First in the world to provide spouse synchronization.
  5. Meta space vibrational frequency remedies.
  6. Advanced sound rejuvenation system.
  7. Biological and chronological Age reversal system
  8. Member’s Wellness Management Report System.
  9. Total Wellness lifestyle, therapy, management, education, product, environment and consultancy. 

  • Understanding your body condition before any complications arise
    – Wellness Screening
  • Clears energy distortions and increases energy levels in the body
  • Improve the body’s intake of nutrients and elimination of toxic waste from cells
  • Cleanse the blood and improves the blood circulation
  • Eliminates stress and stress related body tensions
  • Unblocks energy channels to increase flow of energy
  • Helps to revive and recharge the cells in organs
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Enriches and stabilizes emotional patterns and state
  • Helps one to achieve homeostasis condition
  • Facilitates the body in speed recovery
  • Brings about youthfulness and vitality


NURA Wellness Testimonials
On this page you will find just a small selection of some of the fabulous feedback we have received from our clients.Full names have been withheld for client confidentiality.

Client FeedBack
In the hydrotherapy room, I felt very light. The ambiance sent me off to my dreamland. Powerful healing takes place in the tranquility and this is exactly what happened to me in NURA.

Lim Soi Soi, Customer Service Executive.
alexThe fractal system analysis is accurate. I am amazed how technology can measure our energetic health. 

Alex Ho, Chigong Teacher.  

My husband and I arrived tired and exhausted after our long journey from the US to NURA Wellness Centre. We both had treatments booked over a 5 day period. My husband has had a lengthy period of illness for many years and he had difficulty walking, standing and even with his breathing whereas I wanted to see how I could benefit as I am relatively fit. From the first treatment we were revitalized and rejuvenated. I kept looking at my face in the mirror.
Well 5 days later - I left the centre with a 'new man'. My husband regained his youthful vigour and found that he was able to walk easier, stand longer and even had a spring in his step. His symptoms were so completely reduced that he felt amazing! I haven't seen him smile so much in years.

My skin was radiant, glowing and felt so smooth. My muscles were relaxed. We both felt (and acted) at least 10 years younger. We will definitely be back to NURA.
Thank you to all to all the wonderful staff at NURA. We were treated like royalty during our visit.
Myra and Jon, Colorado, USA.
I have suffered from terrible skin conditions for many years, a scaly rash that seemed to harden the skin around it, would form crusty pus filled blisters and would hurt, sometimes it itched and other times it would be very painful. It seemed to spread no matter what I did. It got to the point where most of one arm was covered. I was very miserable and depressed.
I have tried many Drs, had tests in hospitals and taken years of medication without success. I heard about NURA through a friend who had read an article about it.

I came to the NURA Wellness Centre, did the full Wellness Screening and they recommended the treatments for me. I loved them, felt great during and afterwards.
I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. The rash started getting better from the first treatment and its now completely clear on one arm and the rest is clearing on the other. I am so happy. NURA really works. It really can help / heal you.I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. The rash started getting better from the first treatment and its now completely clear on one arm and the rest is clearing on the other. I am so happy. NURA really works. It really can help / heal you.
Lynn, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I cannot thank you enough for my recent wonderful experience at NURA.I arrived stressed and was welcomed by your staff as though I were returning home after a long journey.I arrived stressed and was welcomed by your staff as though I were returning home after a long journey.They could not do enough for me, and were friendly, warm and professional.

I had heard a lot about NURA through my friends who had also been.I had no idea how good it would be.From the moment I started my treatments I was floating on clouds and the hours flew by in minutes.I left feeling a completely new person.My skin was glowing, I was so relaxed. I slept like a baby that night – better than I ever have in my entire life.Even my friends have noticed the difference in everything about me. I AM a new person and cannot wait to return to NURA.

Sylvia,New Zealand.
My husband had neck pain for many years following a car accident in which he suffered severe whiplash. Drs had said that he could not be helped further and would have to take pain medication for the rest of his life. He was told he would have to wear a neck brace during waking hours.

I heard about NURA through a health magazine, in which an article talked about a revolutionary new procedure which helps the body heal itself on a cellular level and so I called for more information... Remember that we have tried everything – been to so many Drs, hospitals, clinics, spa treatments and such – all without success.
We arrived and were welcomed by the staff who all came to greet us.They were so efficient and yet so friendly.

The consultant asked us about his diet, his lifestyle, his accident, his health history and then the recommended treatments were discussed.They did all the tests and these would highlight the areas where treatment was needed. They explained everything and told us it was non invasive. Whilst my husband underwent his treatments I was made welcome and felt completely at home and ease.

He went in as a man who showed the pain etched in the lines of his face and emerged several hours later completely different. He looked relaxed and smiling, happy and new. I couldn’t believe that only one treatment could make such a massive change.

We are now regulars there. My husband no longer takes pain killers, nor wears his neck brace. He is so much happier. I have started treatments myself. NURA is more than a spa, more than a specialized holistic treatment centre. It is a whole new beginning in health. It can give you your health and life back.

Jack and Vera, Singapore.
josephineTime out in NURA is inspirational with its heavenly blissful ambience. The system analysis gives a heightened awareness and re-orientates my life style. The synergetic approach integrates my focus on holistic living. My visit to NURA has definitely been a contemplative experience.  It has also added confidence in my Amega business.

Josephine Koh, Holistic Creative Art Therapist
My heartfelt gratitude to you for treating my mother, who had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 20 years. Your unique approach brings about immediate result to my mother's condition which brings nothing but joy and happiness to my family.
Thank you NURA …

Jonathan, Singapore.
I took a 5 day health package and went to NURA for my back, uterine, ovarian and knee pain treatment. I was given a warm welcome. On the first day, my energy level and body measurements were taken. I was then introduced to the various treatment rooms.
All the treatment rooms offered a totally new, unique, comfortable and relaxing experience. I enjoyed the serene atmosphere as well as the friendly and courteous staff.

After each day, I felt my skin was smoother and rejuvenated. The face looked radiant and had an even tone.

After the 5 days, I even stopped using foundation for my face as there is no need. My pain had reduced from 100% to 20%. I feel very fresh and energized.

Thanks to Dr Ramesh and his therapists for their wonderful treatment. They have given me a deeper understanding of my own body and how I can help to make it youthful and healthier again.

Thanks too, to the very knowledgeable yoga instructor who has taught me the great benefits of Artistic yoga. She was superb.

Overall I felt that my money and time had been very well spent. I am very happy that I have made a right decision in choosing NURA in taking care of my wellness. Thanks NURA.

Michelle, Singapore.
shankarThe fractal system experience has increased my energy level. There was a noticeable glow in my face. Wow! I am 10 years younger! I will return to NURA again and recommend my friends to visit to experience the tremendous energy in the Center.

Shankar, Businessman.
I have no words to express how I feel and the gratitude for helping my son who had a stroke four years ago. He has been suffering for so long. Since undergoing your treatment, my boy is now able to walk, respond to our communication and is able to use his left hand. We owe it you for his miraculous recovery.

Krishna, India
After many years of agony and suffering from migraines and severe headache, it is finally over since I underwent the treatment. I do not understand how it worked but I'm very much amazed by the results. Thank you for this amazing healing and I very much look forward to seeing you helping more who are in need.

George, USA.
Astounding - from start to finish. I feel reborn, alive, more energetic and younger.

GianCarlo, Italy.

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